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How to buy

 Main steps:

1.The conclusion (signing) of the sales contract.

2.Certification of the sales contract at the notary.

3.Registration of property rights in the Municipal Court in Pula.

Concerning any questions about purchasing, please contact the representative of Pula CO:

Tin Vukovic

Phone: 00 389 996 97 47 05

Е-mail: pulacoinfo@gmail.com

 Running costs:

Electricity, water and gas are paid on a monthly basis in accordance with the readings of the metering devices;

Garbage collection and utilities are paid on a monthly basis depending on the area of real estate - from about 100.00 to 200.00 kunas (14 ... 28 €);

The remuneration of the managing company for managing the building and maintenance costs of the common areas in the building, cleaning of stairs (about 2,00 HRK / m of the property).