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The house is located at the following address: 44 Monte Paradiso St., Pula, Croatia

In the same house on the first floor is located the office of Pula CO, where the employees will meet you, answer your questions, show you the house and the apartments you are interested in.

Pula is a city founded by ancient Greeks and is one of the first colonies on the north of the Adriatic Sea. The golden age of Pula falls on the time of Ancient Greece. Throughout its history the city has been a part of different countries. Pula is the only place on Istria where the legacy of the Roman Empire has been preserved: the Forum, the Amphitheater, the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii (the Golden Gate) and the Temple of Augustus.

Pula attracts people from all over the world not only with its beautiful sights, but also with a variety of nightclubs, bars and casinos.

Today, Pula is one of the most beloved European resorts. The well preserved architectural monuments, astonishing nature, mild climate, delicious cuisine and unbelievably clean sea — are just some of the things that make Pula a unique place.

The Istrian Peninsula where Pula is located is often called “Istrian Riviera”. Here, one can find everything: bright greenery and red soil, emerald see and lofty mountains, cozy villages looking like toys scattered across the hills.

While visiting Pula it is good to know that the city is not only rich with history and places of interest but also is a wonderful ecological oasis for vacation. The pure water of the Adriatic Sea alongside the cone forests creates the perfect environment for your physical refreshment and spiritual harmony. One of the greatest advantages of Pula over other tourist destinations is its vast variety of beaches, which can be found both within the city and beyond.